What's a Podcast?

"A descendant of web logs, or blogs, podcasts are pre-recorded audio files that can be posted to text-based blogs in the form of
MP3 music files. The recordings, similar to amateur radio broadcasts--except not live--can be accessed from a traditional desktop or laptop computer or downloaded to a handheld device, such as Apple's popular iPod, for busy users who prefer to listen on the go."

from Murray, Corey. "'Podcasting' set to take off." eschoolnews 10/2/06



Potential for teaching and learning

Podcasting in Plain English



Trying it on your own

Publish a Podcast

  • On a Wiki
    • Make sure your sound file ends in .mp3
    • In edit mode, put your cursor on the place you wnt to insert the file
    • Click the picture
    • Choose upload Files
    • Browse and click upload
    • Double click on the sound file
    • Save
    • Example
  • At iTunes
    • Create an account
    • Upload your podcast for free
    • Submitting a podcast to iTunes
  • Drop.io


Podcasts to Explore

Vodcasts to explore

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